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NetSparker Professional Edition
Netsparker is a useful tool for detecting Internet security failures. This program measures the security of your website by checking the source settings of the website pages and performing various security tests, and finally provides a list of accurate and categorized reports. For example, one of the common security threats to XSS attacks is a large share of hacker attacks. In this way, the hacker will suffice to detect xss bugs on your website. It then comes injecting and executing the infected code for its purpose. This program, just like a hacker, tests a large number of infected codes, of course, controlled on your website and tests your site against different scenarios. They will notify you as soon as they see the results inappropriate.

This will quickly resolve the coding errors and prevent these types of attacks. Similarly, other attacks, such as database attacks using SQL Injection, can be detected by this program. Also, other security bugs like RFI, LFI, AFU, RCE, etc. can be identified by this tool. One of the cool features of this software is the ability to test the status of your website against a specific script. In fact, in this way you will find the vulnerability by writing an infected script or exploit and testing it on your website.

Netsparker is compatible with a variety of jacks and javascripts and all the different scenarios and scenarios are scanned on the target website. With this useful software you can also find empty directories on your website. It does not matter whether you use this tool or other similar tools. It is important to use these tools. If you own a website and its security is important to you, it is definitely important to recommend Netsparker.

required system
  • Netsparker Compatibility:
    • Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 or higher (x64 recommended)
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or higher
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1
    • 1Ghz Pentium processor or higher (Intel i7 1.6GHz or higher recommended)
    • 1GB of available RAM (4GB recommended)
    • 100 MB of HDD space for installation and an additional 100 MB for scanning, with up to 4.2 GB required per scan, depending on target application size

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